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Risk and safety management

Naturvidenskab og teknik

Would you like to counsel companies in the field of risk and safety management? With a Master’s degree in Risk and Safety Management you will be able to help both public and private companies to create an overview of their safety and risks and to help them reach their goals within these fields. You learn to identify critical situations and to work out plans for managing this.
During the Master’s programme you will gain knowledge about basic probability theory and collection of data within risk analysis and the social conditions that are relevant to risk control. Furthermore, you will be presented with the theoretical methods and strategies that are used in risk perception and -communication.

During your studies, you will learn how to apply risk analysis and simulations to identify the crisis situations and risks that can occur when a project is carried out in a company. You will learn to work out plans to handle projects and to gain insight into implementation methods, ways to carry out routine tests and reporting.

As an expert in risk and safety management, you could help companies to prevent and manage different risk scenarios such as

  • the collapse of a building or a bridge
  • an oil leak
  • fire on a drilling rig
  • a chemical accident in the pharmaceutical production
  • accident during discharging and installation of parts for wind turbine generators in wind parks

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