28. juni 2022

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Birgit Bech Jensen


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2care4 was founded in 2005.Since then, we have built solid experience in parallel import of pharmaceutical products within human medicine in the EU/EEA countries. The key to our success lies in our values, which we strive to live up to every single day.

These values have helped us evolve from a small, local entrepreneurial company into one of the largest suppliers of pharmaceuticals to the Scandinavian markets and Germany.
2care4’s culture reflects our true DNA and is deeply rooted in western Jutland, where being a skilled tradesperson is essential.
Business acumen is also about making sure there are two winners and therefore also good, personal relations, and this applies very much to 2care4.
This is why you will find that we value mutual respect, drive and high quality; we aim to generate new ideas that can benefit you as an employee, supplier or customer.

We strive to make 2care4 a workplace that is as attractive as possible both for the company’s current employees as well as our future colleagues.

It is important that our employees develop personally and professionally, and we aim for an open environment with a high level of information where everyone is encouraged to contribute with his or her input and knowledge.
This makes us energetic and extremely adaptable to changes in the markets, and helps us keep focus on your personal development.

2care4 embraces creativity and we always encourage our employees to contribute with ideas. Our philosophy is that this is the way to achieve the greatest possible know-how.

At 2care4 dialogue is the key.

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