Transportation in Esbjerg

It is easy to get to, from and around Esbjerg Municipality. The motorway runs directly to the city, the public transportation system is well developed, and the infrastructure and short distances to key locations invite you to jump on your bicycle.

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The motorway E20 runs to the Port of Esbjerg, ensuring quick access to the city.

Transportation to and from Esbjerg

The motorway E20 runs directly to the Port of Esbjerg, ensuring easy access to and from the city by car and truck.

An expanded railway network links different towns in the area. Trains depart from Esbjerg and Bramming every hour with connections to other regions of Denmark.

Esbjerg has its own airport located 10 kilometres east of Esbjerg – next to the motorway. There are daily flights to Stavanger and Aberdeen from here. Esbjerg Airport also has a very busy helicopter airport with several departures per hour taking personnel and equipment offshore to the North Sea.

Sydtrafik provides a well-developed bus network in the City of Esbjerg as well as a city bus in Ribe and great bus connections between the towns – both in- and outside the municipality.

Finally, the Fanø ferry ensures quick access to the beautiful island. There are departures three times per hour, and it takes only 12 minutes.

Get around in the area

It is easy to get around Esbjerg Municipality by train, by car, or by bus operated by Sydtrafik.

Or, use the Danes’ preferred method of transportation – the bicycle – to commute or for recreational purposes.

Biking trails and super biking trails facilitate and provide access, making it easy to reach jobs, institutions, and recreational activities on your bike.

See the bike trail map of Esbjerg