We strive to ensure that Esbjerg continues to be among the most business friendly municipalities in Denmark. We work as your entry point to know-how and solutions when it comes to settling and doing business in Esbjerg. We collaborate closely with a variety of partners who can assist you in ensuring your investment case is successful.

Investment services When considering settling or investing in Esbjerg, we assist you with these services:

Supply chain overview, NACE code search, statistics, analysis of market potential, delegation visits, fact-finding tours, and technical visits.

EIA questions, authority contact, and task force assistance.

Local scouting for partners and joint ventures, local real estate contact, business network introduction, and introduction to Esbjerg Newcomer Services.



Invest in Denmark confidential and tailor-made solutions for foreign companies looking to set up a new business in Denmark or expand an existing one.

Invest in Denmark


Esbjerg Municipality assists with regulatory approvals, local plans, and EIA permitting and offers new land areas for purchase. For a greater overview of available land areas go to:

For more overview of available land areas

The Port of Esbjerg is the leading port in Europe in terms of handling and shipping out wind power.

The Port of Esbjerg plays an essential role in the supply chain of logistics and activities in the energy business. With over 100 companies based in the port area and with 4 million square metres of area for port activities, Port Esbjerg is one of the most important ports in Europe as an infrastructure provider for offshore wind and oil and gas and logistic and maritime business. With investment in sustainable solutions such as shore power and hydrogen power, Port Esbjerg is setting a new standard for port services.

Port Esbjerg Brochure


For more information on Port Esbjerg business activities and supplier overview, go to:

Port of Esbjerg

Din Forsyning public utility company providing water, wastewater and district heating in the area.

With the development of project “Future District Heating”, DIN Forsyning are creating tomorrow’s sustainable heating supply for consumers. A 50 MW seawater heat pump is part of new innovative thinking to supply households with carbon emission-free heat. If your investment project involves waste resources which you want to find a sustainable solution for, DIN Forsyning are interested in assisting you with finding the best possible solution.


N1 public utility company providing electricity in the area.

If you need reinforcement or a large power supply for your investment case, N1 will assist with counselling and connecting you to the grid.

Energy Cluster Denmark is Denmark’s cluster organisation for the entire energy sector.

Energy Cluster Denmark is Denmark’s cluster organisation for the entire energy sector. Our vision is for Denmark to be a leading green nation in the development and demonstration of innovative and global energy solutions. Therefore, Energy Cluster Denmark is a neutral, value-creating and member-driven innovation platform for establishing and facilitating innovation collaborations between small and large companies, knowledge institutions and public players throughout the energy sector.


For more information, go to:

Energy Cluster Denmark


Our municipality also offers a newcomer service, which introduces new expats and international citizens who are going to live in Esbjerg for a long period to Esbjerg.

Contact information for employees who are new to Esbjerg is available in this link:

Newcomer Service Esbjerg

If you have international employees who are going to work in Esbjerg for a longer period of time, you need to apply here: New to Denmark

ICS Center Esbjerg

Remember, you have to book a time slot before showing up at the ICS office in Esbjerg.

To book an appointment, follow the link here