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We give you six good reasons to invest in Esbjerg

Invest in Esbjerg - Invest in the future.

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Uffe Lundgaard

Head of Investment and International Relations

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With a strategic location and excellent connectivity, Esbjerg serves as a hub to the international market for digitalization and sustainable energy solutions. We have created a map over the infrastructure of the area, so you can discover the potential of Esbjerg Municipality.

We give you six good reasons to invest in Esbjerg

  • 1: The place for energy business

    Esbjerg is Denmark's energy metropolis and offshore capital, with more than 250 companies doing business in offshore oil and gas and the offshore wind industry. We are always looking at future business opportunities such as Power-to-X, Carbon Capture Storage, and the data industry. With the planning of Datacenter, Power-to-X production of hydrogen and ammonia, international companies are utilizing the natural benefits of our location and supply chain in Esbjerg. As one of the world’s biggest installation ports for offshore wind, we also deliver tomorrow’s solution to the climate situation. And if you don’t believe us, come and see for yourself how we bring green energy offshore.

  • 2: The place for digital business

    Closely connected to the US and European internet gateways, Esbjerg is the digital hotspot of Northern Europe. New fiber-optic cables from Esbjerg to the US, Ireland, England, and the Netherlands and an already excellent international data infrastructure make Esbjerg an optimal place for companies with the need for low latency to Europe and the US.

  • 3: Energy hotspot

    The green power from the offshore wind turbines in the North Sea is coming to shore at Esbjerg. This means Esbjerg is an energy hotspot for business, where green power is necessary. An increase in the offshore wind development in the North Sea will provide even more green energy to Esbjerg in the future from the two transformer stations at Endrup and Revsing, which are receiving the harvested energy from the turbines in the North Sea.

  • 4: The right education for the right workforce

    Esbjerg has 60 higher education programs at six higher educational institutions. Esbjerg offers, among other studies, energy technology engineering and business administration in energy management at university level. Esbjerg is the only location in Scandinavia that offers a BA in Energy Management.

  • 5: Family is important

    Family is important. For that reason, Esbjerg has started an international school, primarily for children of expat families. Additionally, Esbjerg offers an IB Diploma Programme for international high school students. We also have a newcomer service, which helps new citizens to be introduced to the community—all to make expat relocation a success while working here in Esbjerg.

  • 6: Green ambitions and ecosystem

    Esbjerg municipality has a green ambition of being carbon emission neutral before the year 2030. To fulfill the ambition, Port Esbjerg, Esbjerg Municipality, and DIN Forsyning have joined forces to implement a green strategy for the infrastructure and heating supply of the municipality. When considering Esbjerg as your next investment decision, we also assist with counseling on a green approach and the possibility of utilizing waste and heat in a local circular ecosystem.


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