Offshore - a knowledge-intensive industry in constant change

Esbjerg’s position within oil and gas and more than ten years of know-how in setting up offshore wind farms is part of what makes Esbjerg Denmark’s EnergyMetropolis.

In Esbjerg, the offshore industry has a high demand for engineers, marine engineers, skilled, and unskilled labour. Today, the offshore industry is one of the most significant in Denmark, with a turnover of around DKK 110 billion. Consulting, design, and production, as well as monitoring and maintenance of oil/gas installations, and sea turbines are particular strengths of Denmark.

Are you ready for a challenge?

As the oil and gas fields are getting older, the oil extraction has become more technically and commercially challenging. Therefore, there is a significant need for specialised engineers with the technical know-how to develop new methods to maximise production.

Not only does oil and gas need the best brains; offshore wind also has its challenges to reduce costs. There is a lot of synergy in finding innovative solutions that can apply to both the oil/gas and the offshore wind industry. In both sectors, steel constructions must be designed, manufactured, installed, and operated.

The many complex challenges have created the need for companies to recruit specialists outside of Denmark, bringing a healthy diversity to the work force as well as an international working environment.

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