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Energy island in the Danish North Sea

Establishing energy islands will enable a new level of offshore wind energy.

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Denmark will be home to the world’s first energy islands. One of the projects is planned to be 80 km from shore in the Danish North Sea. The Island or artificial construction will have the purpose of collecting large amounts of green power from 10 GW offshore wind production.

Infrastructure investment in the North Sea

An estimated investment of 260 billion Danish kroner or 35 billion euros is allocated to the development of the Energy Island, the 10 GW of offshore wind installation and grid infrastructure.

10 GW of offshore wind will be erected in the area surrounding the Island and will make it possible for Denmark to be self-sufficient with power and energy produced from the offshore wind power.

Esbjerg knows the North Sea

Esbjerg has a unique location and infrastructure that already services the North Sea. From the Port of Esbjerg, supply vessels secure components for the oil and gas installations. Security and service vessels for offshore wind also use Port Esbjerg as a base port.

Esbjerg Airport is an offshore heliport for transferring manpower to the installation sites in the North Sea, both for oil and gas and offshore wind.

In addition, Esbjerg offers a unique supply chain in the oil and gas and offshore wind business. The industry has been a service provider for many years with safety and service to ensure that work has been executed on time and safely.

Esbjerg has the know-how

We believe these competencies will be useful in the process of commissioning and servicing the Energy Island as well as the 10 GW of offshore wind installation and servicing.

If you want to be part of the supply chain in Esbjerg in energy, please get in touch with Business Esbjerg for a confidential talk on the opportunities for your company in Esbjerg.

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