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Carbon capture storage (CCS) in the Danish North Sea

Photo: Bent Medvind

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Uffe Lundgaard

Head of Investment and International Relations

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Climate changes are pushing us to find new solutions to reduce carbon emissions, and Carbon Capture Storage is a means to FastTrack our goals for a climate-neutral future.

The Danish North Sea contains oil and gas reservoirs suitable for carbon capture. Denmark’s oil and gas industry is now investigating the possibilities of storing carbon emissions captured from powerplant or other carbon emission producers. It requires coordination with the capture, transport, and storage supply chain.

Denmark and Esbjerg are testing the potential

A part of the Danish strategy for CCS is funding support for two pilot projects aiming to test how the supply chain works and if full-scale storage in reservoirs is possible. The projects, Greensand and Bifrost, are led by the two major oil and gas operators, INEOS Energy and TOTAL Energies, and are expected to provide the final pieces of the puzzle of the CCS potential in the Danish North Sea.

Several companies from the oil and gas industry in Esbjerg are already engaged in the CCS business. The global technology company Welltec has in 2022, opened a CCS test center for full-scale test flow loops and casing testing in Esbjerg.

Denmark can help Europe

The potential of storage in the Danish North Sea is between 12 and 22 billion tons of CO2 and is much bigger than the yearly combined Danish carbon emission. More than 400 times. This means that Denmark can potentially store carbon emissions from other European countries in the chase of reducing emissions.

Suppose you want to know more about the CCS activities in Esbjerg or have interesting technologies for CCS. In that case, you are welcome to contact Business Esbjerg for a confidential talk and your entry into the CCS industry.