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Port Esbjerg

Port Esbjerg plays an essential role in the supply chain of logistics and energy business activities.

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Uffe Lundgaard

Head of Business & Invest

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With 200 companies based in the port area and 4 mil. square meters of area for port activities, Port Esbjerg is one of the most important ports in Europe as an infrastructure provider for offshore wind, oil, gas and logistic and maritime business. With investment in sustainable solutions such as shore power and hydrogen power, Port Esbjerg sets a new standard for port services and infrastructure.


Port Esbjerg is also chosen as a designated NATO maritime hub, and a 12,8-meter deepening of the port and sailing route to Esbjerg will be completed by 2024. This will give access to bigger ships to call Esbjerg and open for the new generation of offshore wind installation vessels to use Esbjerg as a preassembly -and service port. An additional expansion to the port area of 570.000 square meters will provide Port Esbjerg with sufficient space to support the future need for offshore wind industry production and loadout of components.


The Port and companies located in the harbor area supply a variety of businesses. Offshore wind preassembly site, cargo operations, Port Services, Fisheries, Oil & Gas, Vessel Services, and circular environment.

Port Facts:

  • 10 Ro/Ro ramps
  • 22 GW of offshore wind shipped from the port of Esbjerg
  • 4,3 Mio. tons of cargo volume yearly
  • 1900 yearly calls of Crew Transfer Vessels
  • 6 lines connected to Port Esbjerg
  • 28 connecting ports in liner network
  • 19 oil & gas fields are serviced from Esbjerg
  • Sustainable strategy for carbon emission-free port

For more information on Port Esbjerg business activities, go to: https://www.sebrochure.dk/port-esbjerg/WebView/


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