Esbjerg is an energy hub

Esbjerg is known as the Green Energy Metropolis of Denmark. Our position as the offshore capital of Denmark is highlighted by the 250 energy companies in Esbjerg that employ more than 10.000 people within the energy sector.

Energy has been an essential business driver in Esbjerg for over 50 years. From the Oil and Gas industry to offshore wind, Esbjerg has been supplying and servicing the energy industry and contributed to the national growth of Denmark.

Since Esbjerg was founded in 1868, the port has been the center of the city’s industrial activities. Until the 1970s, growth mainly came from the export of butter and bacon as well as industrial fishing. After that, activities changed towards the newly found oil fields in the North Sea, and some 20 years later, they were supplemented by the emerging offshore wind farm installation in the North Sea. Our position as an offshore wind hub has been confirmed with the signing of the Esbjerg Declaration at the port of Esbjerg on 18th May 2022. A declaration gives Europe an aim of 65 GW offshore wind and 10 GW in the Danish North Sea by 2030. With the continuous expansion of port infrastructure, Esbjerg is providing the optimal hub for future offshore wind production and installation. Combined with a well-educated workforce with the skills to service the wind industry. We are convinced that the declaration will increase the focus for investments in Esbjerg for many years to come due to the need for technology scalability in the offshore wind business.


Our business focus in Energy is:

  • Offshore wind production hub
  • Power-to-X production
  • Offshore oil and gas
  • Danish Energy Island commissioning and service provider
  • Carbon Capture Storage in the Danish North Sea