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Uffe Lundgaard

Head of Investment and International Relations

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Esbjerg is at the forefront of tomorrow’s energy production. With three announced Power-to-X production sites, Esbjerg is setting a new direction for green energy production.

With the green power from the North Sea, Esbjerg has a unique location for placing investments in Power-to-X production. With a strong partnership with the local utility provider, DIN Forsyning, for technical water supply, Esbjerg is showing the sustainable way of tomorrow’s business cases.


With the conversion of power and water to electrolysis, Swiss H2 Energy, European Energy, and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners are in the process of making large production sites for hydrogen and ammonia production in Esbjerg. All are made by green power and for supplying the transport sector with new fuel solutions for truck and ship transport. The projects will produce more than two gigawatts of hydrogen and ammonia. Another case story is Quantafuel, and Resource Denmark ApS, which will use pyrolysis to convert plastic waste into chemically recycled products, also called plastic-to-liquid (PtL). This will utilize the ambition of a circular industry that can make new plastic products based on chemical recycled materials. The first phase of the project is building a plastic sorting facility, which has a capacity of 160.000 tons annually.


Heat is produced as a waste product in the process of making hydrogen. This waste can be used in our district heating system, which provides household heating to the community. An estimated excess heat from the two production sites will provide heating for more than 15.000 households.

This will be made possible by cooperation between the Power-to-X production companies and DIN Forsyning, who is responsible for supplying water and heat to private and business consumers.

The cooperation is the result of a strategy for contributing to making the Municipality of Esbjerg carbon neutral by 2030.

If you need a sustainable solution for your Power-to-X investment, contact Business Esbjerg for further confidential dialogue with relevant stakeholders.