Why invest in Esbjerg

At Business Esbjerg, we can assist you with your investment needs in Esbjerg.

A UNIQUE POSITION Esbjerg Municipality is uniquely positioned to support companies that want to invest in sustainable technologies. Our combination of solid industry skills such as oil & gas, offshore wind, and biomass, but also a demand for sustainable district heating investments, and a university focus on sustainable research, provide opportunities for the right matchmaking in partnerships for sustainable project investments.


You should consider your next investment to be in Esbjerg because:

  • We strive to create the best sustainable solution to create a low carbon footprint for your investment in Esbjerg
  • 200 hectares of new industrial land is available from 2024 with competitive pricing for public land purchase
  • Local plan for new industrial land is designed for high-level Environmental Impact Assessment and data center solutions
  • We have the insight knowledge in data center and energy business to support your business case
  • Our supply chain is knowledgeable on the right solution for you
  • Our workforce is well educated and efficient
  • You get excellent task force support in your investment decision
  • Our partners think green and are willing to help you to be sustainable in your business case
  • We have an international business community because of our offshore legacy
  • Our port and airport can support with optimized infrastructure and service for the wind and energy industry
  • International school and expat services are available in Esbjerg
  • International Citizen Service office is in Esbjerg to make your workers’ VISA application easier
  • Our location and infrastructure with transatlantic fiber-optic cable with low latency, a 400 kV power supply, and a port suitable for offshore wind business makes us an obvious choice