Esbjerg is the digital hub of Northern Europe

Esbjerg is the digital hub of Northern Europe. With a new internet gateway between Europe and US and fiber-optic cables to other important digital hubs in Europe, Esbjerg is an optimal location for data and internet companies who want low latency between the US and Europe.

Esbjerg is extremely well connected to the core internet (terrestrial and submarine cables) and is closely connected to all of Europe’s major gateways.

Havfrue cable has changed the transatlantic connectivity

Our position as the digital hub of northern Europe has evolved with the commissioning of the fiber-optic project “Havfrue” connection between Esbjerg/Europe and New Jersey/US. With the new fiber cable, the available capacity between the USA and Europe has doubled. Since 2019 additional connections between Esbjerg, England, Ireland, and the Netherlands have also contributed to making Esbjerg a digital hub for data transactions and transatlantic data distribution. Esbjerg is an attractive location for colocation businesses and companies with the need for low latency to and in-between US and Europe.