Newcomer Service

Everyone should feel welcome in Esbjerg Municipality. In 2013, Esbjerg Municipality established a service providing guidance to new residents relocating to the area.

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Newcomer Service

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Whether you are a new resident or considering becoming one, the municipality offers you guidance. Esbjerg Municipality’s Newcomer Service is popular among new residents and companies relocating to the area.

Newcomer Service

Esbjerg Municipality has established Newcomer Service helping new residents to become settled in the community. The Newcomer Service staff can assist you with housing search, childcare and school placement, and other practical issues related to the relocation.

The staff can also help your spouse or partner find a job. Newcomer Service collaborates with companies and other public institutions in the region.

The Newcomer Service has an in-depth knowledge of the local area and can provide an overview of the region’s many options for recreational activity. Additionally, the Service establishes and operates various social networks for new residents – for Danes as well as foreigners.

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