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Five good reasons to invest in Esbjerg

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As experts in handling oil, gas, and wind activities in the North Sea, companies have contributed to Esbjerg’s position as the offshore capital of Denmark for many years. Furthermore, the membership of the World Energy Cities Partnership marks Esbjerg as one of the leading offshore cities in the world.

Since Esbjerg was founded in 1868, the port has been the centre of the city’s industrial activities. Until the 1970s, growth mainly came from the export of butter and bacon as well as industrial fishing. After that, activities changed towards the newly found oil fields in the North Sea, and some 20 years later, they were supplemented by the emerging offshore wind farms.

Today, more than 13,500 people work within the energy sector in Esbjerg, which, in addition to oil, gas, and wind, also counts bioenergy and intelligent energy systems.

We give you five good reasons to invest in Esbjerg

  • 1

    Esbjerg is the energy metropolis and offshore capital of Denmark with more than 250 companies doing business in offshore oil and gas, as well as the offshore wind industry. With an FID at DKK 21 billion in the Tyra gas field redevelopment, Esbjerg will play an essential role for many years to come.

  • 2

    Average office rental price per square meter is the lowest of the major cities in Denmark.

  • 3

    Closely connected to the US and European internet gateways, Esbjerg is the internet hub of Northern Europe. New fiber-optic cables from Esbjerg to the US, Ireland, England, and the Netherlands along with an already excellent international data infrastructure makes Esbjerg an optimal place for companies with the need of low latency to Europe and the US.

  • 4

    Esbjerg has 60 higher education programmes at six higher educational institutions. At university level, Esbjerg offers studies in energy technology engineering and business administration in energy management. Esbjerg is the only location in Scandinavia which offers a BA in Energy Management.

  • 5

    Esbjerg is home to the largest international school outside of Copenhagen, primarily for children of expat families. Additionally, Esbjerg offers an IB Diploma Programme for international high school students.