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Student Housing Guarantee

Esbjerg Municipality

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Esbjerg Municipality – Guarantee for student housing

There is serveral attractive student housings in Esbjerg. Here you are rearly in housing trouble prior to your commencement of study.

Five housing organizations, Ungdomsbo, Arbejdernes Boligforening and B32 (Andels Bolig- og Byggeforeningen af 1932), Boligforeningen Fremad and Esbjerg almennyttige Boligselskab (now called the 5 housing organizations) have a combined housing hold of 1.300 student housings.

If you against expectation have not found a housing 10 days prior to commencement of study, Esbjerg Municipality will guarantee you a housing to ease your start in Esbjerg.

Who can apply for housing guarantee in Esbjerg municipality?

If you belong the following catagories, you are guanranteed student housing i Esbjerg municipality:

  • Admitted to a higher education in Esbjerg or have an apprentice contract.
  • Resident outside Esbjerg municipality.
  • An active house hunter and have already sought on all housing in the catagory – Student housing – at the 5 housing organizations.
  • Is with out offers on student housing from the 5 housing organizations.

What tye og housing can you expect to be offered under the student housing guarantee?

If you fulfil the above mentioned catagories for student housing guarantees, Esbjerg Municipality offer you a temporary housing which:

  • Maximum cost of 4.500 kr. pr. month.
  • Available for you for 4 months.
  • Can be public or private landlord.
  • Can be a room in a shared apartment or house.
  • Can be a bed in a youth hostel.
  • Can be a Kan være et holiday home.

We expect that you will still be active house hunter and that you after a maximun of 4 months has found a housing.

What to do?

The guarantee from Esbjerg Municipality only applies if you have not found a housing 10 days commencement of study.
As such you have to actively sign up in all housing in the catagory student housing in the 5 housing organizations with out having received a formal offer for a student housing.

Do you wish to use the guarantee for student housing, you must send an email to; studieboliggaranti@esbjerg.dk and request to use the guarantee. The email must include the following:

  • Confirmation mail from the 5 housing organizations for admission on waiting list.
  • Documentation for admission on a highter education or apprentice contract in Esbjerg municipality.

When sending the request you automatically give permission to Esbjerg Municipality for gathering information on your current housing application from the 5 housing organizations.

Response deadlines

5 week days after receiving your application, Esbjerg Municipality will send you a housing offer and information about payment through E-boks.

No later than 3 week days after receiving the housing offer, you have to accept the offer and documentation for payment.

Do you not wish to accept the offer from Esbjerg Municipality under the student housing guarantee and omits to answer, the guarantee no longer apply.