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Leisure in Esbjerg

Among others, we have Street Food in Esbjerg, which serves food from all over the world.

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There is plenty to do in Esbjerg 🌳☀🍺⚽ We will guide you to fun activities in your spare time.

As a student in Esbjerg, there is plenty to do when you are free from the studies. Denmark’s fifth largest city contains many metropolitan qualities, but in a nearby environment. You get both a vibrant night life, a wide range of cultural offers, unique and fantastic nature and a very active association life.

Esbjerg's nightlife is vibrant and fun!

We have many fun places to go, from nightclubs to bars and pubs with a more relaxed atmosphere. Most places are located near Torvet, and in Skolegade, so you can easily crawl from place to place during your night out. See the list below and find inspiration for your next night out.


  • Dronning Louise - nightclub

    The dance floor is the heart of the club. The in-house DJ and guest DJs make sure the music is great and the atmosphere awesome.

    Dronning Louise
  • Rustik - nightclub

    The decor at Rustik is inspired by the old factories in Eastern Europe, hence the name! At this nightclub, you can party to the DJ's house tunes and drink delicious cocktails.

  • No. 31

    A nightclub with delicious cocktails, excellent service, and great atmosphere! There is always a party at no.31 and all types of music, so no reason not to dance!

    No. 31
  • Pioner Bar

    In the basement below the shopping centre Midt-I, there is dance, fun, and drinks all night long.

    Pioner Bar


  • Old Irish Pub

    An Irish pub with authentic Irish bartenders and guests. A very cosy pub with special brews and an intimate atmosphere.

    Old Irish Pub
  • King George

    A central pub located between all the nightclubs. A place to go when the music gets too loud. Here you can play pool and buy a pitcher of beer at a bargain price.

    King George
  • Stalden Pool & Sportsbar

    The place where you can play pool, air hockey, table football, and other games, while you enjoy a nice draught beer. You can also watch all the major sports events here.

    Stalden Esbjerg
  • James Bond 007

    The place to go when all the night clubs are closing!

    James Bond 007


  • Portlands

    Cosy wine bar with an impressive selection and an intimate atmosphere.

  • Industrien Rock Craft Bar

    Esbjerg's most authentic rock bar, where the music is only played on vinyl, and where there are always 20 different kinds of craft beer.

  • Dronning Louise - Bar

    Special brews, whiskey tasting and all sort of tasty drinks to try out, plus live music every Thursday and Friday!

    Dronning Louise
  • Rustik - "Det Rustne Søm"

    At Rustik, you also find the bar 'Det Rustne Søm', which has sing-along music and dancing all night!

    Det Rustne Søm
  • Vinbaren

    Also called Apel's Vinstue. A good selection of wine and beer - and a nice and cosy atmosphere.

  • HomeRun

    A new sports bar located in the old post office of Esbjerg. HomeRun offers lots of activities such as pool, dart, beer pong, and more.

  • Skræddergaarden

    Do you enjoy live music, good drinks, and a cosy atmosphere? Then Skræddergaarden is worth a visit.

  • The Brass Monkey

    Tiki atmosphere and lots of rum and hula dance.

    Brass Monkey