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Peter Hegelund

Business consultant

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In Esbjerg, you are close to the business community. As a student at one of the vocational education programmes, chances are high when it comes to finding an apprenticeship

Almost all students get an apprenticeship in Esbjerg and South West Jutland, and there are great efforts being made to attract more students to the vocational education programmes.

In general, the chances of getting an apprenticeship are excellent within the traditional skilled-craft sectors outside the four biggest cities in Denmark. One of the reasons is that the companies take responsibility for solving the challenge.

The industry needs blacksmiths and technicians. The restaurant industry needs cooks and waiters. Typically, there is a lack of apprenticeships, but not here. We need apprentices and have apprenticeship guarantee for certain educations.

Peter Hegelund

Business Consultant at Business Esbjerg.

At one point, it seemed like everyone wanted to become an engineer. Many students chose the gymnasium (upper secondary school or high school). We need engineers, and we need for students to choose the gymnasium. However, research shows that 40 per cent of students do not complete their upper secondary education, or they do not find relevant use for it afterwards.

Vocational education in Esbjerg