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Upper secondary education in Esbjerg Municipality

Esbjerg offers many various specialisations and types of upper secondary education

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Birgit Bech Jensen

Head of communication

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An upper secondary education is a way to prepare yourself for working life, or maybe a higher education and university, while you start specialising in particular areas of interest ranging from vocational training to business or science.

The upper secondary schools in Esbjerg Municipality offer high-quality education, modern facilities, and an attractive and vibrant study environment.

Upper secondary education

Upper secondary schools prepare the students for the labour market or a continued and higher education. Esbjerg offers a wide range of choices for upper secondary education.

In Ribe and in Esbjerg, there are upper secondary schools – gymnasium or HF (Higher Preparatory Examination) – and business-focused schools. In Esbjerg, there are business, technical, and international upper secondary schools, as well as one vocational school.

High-performance sports and education

If your dream is to become a professional athlete and compete on a high-performance level, you have the opportunity to combine your education with high-performance sports. This sports programme is offered at elementary school, secondary school, technical school, or if you attend a higher education programme.

The programme offers:

  • Absence granted for the purpose of training or matches/competitions
  • Supplementary teaching as compensation for missed classes
  • Athletes are granted a personal mentor
  • Athletes are given the opportunity to participate in a “buddy system.”

The Esbjerg Model

In Esbjerg, you have the opportunity to go on a special Team Denmark line for young sports talents.This means that there are flexible conditions for elite athletes, who want to take an academic education.

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