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International education in Esbjerg

Esbjerg offers many international education programmes and classes taught in English on all levels

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Birgit Bech Jensen

Head of communication

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An international primary school, an international upper secondary school, and several international higher education institutions. Esbjerg has a large international community and many various international programmes

Esbjerg International School

The International School in Esbjerg (EIS) currently has about 250 students representing no less than 40 nationalities ranging from 3-17 years.

At the International School, English is the primary language. However, students can be enrolled regardless of their knowledge of English and age.

Esbjerg has an international secondary school since 2015, and there are several international higher education institutions in Esbjerg.

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New international diploma programme

Since 2015, Esbjerg Gymnasium has offered an international diploma programme (IB). The programme has been created in collaboration with companies in Esbjerg, Esbjerg Municipality, Business Esbjerg, Esbjerg International School, and Esbjerg Gymnasium & HF.

On a national scale, there are more than 200 Danish gymnasiums (upper secondary schools or high schools). However, only 13 of those are approved IB schools. The international diploma programme in Esbjerg is an essential step in Esbjerg’s strategy for growth towards 2020. With the rapid growth in the energy and offshore sector, Esbjerg has evolved into an international city with the need for both Danish and international employees, and its ability to offer an international diploma programme makes it possible to accommodate the needs of international students and families.

Higher education

60 study programmes.

In Esbjerg, we offer more than 60 different study programmes – many of the programmes are offered in English.

On Studiebyen Esbjerg’s (Student City Esbjerg) website, you can find an overview of available programmes taught in English.