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Children and play

There are plenty of opportunities for families with children in Esbjerg

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Birgit Bech Jensen

Head of communication

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Esbjerg Municipality has forests, beaches, plantations, and parks where children of all ages can roam free and let their imaginations run wild. It is easy to combine your daily commute to the childcare with experiences in nature or at one of the many playgrounds, either indoors or outdoors.

Inspiration for families with children


There is no greater fun than water activities. Fortunately, there is plenty of water in this area. Take a plunge into the North Sea at Hjerting Beach or spend the day on the wide sandy beaches of Fanø. Alternatively, there are many indoor swimming pools that can be used when the weather is cold.

In Esbjerg, you will also find Denmark’s largest waterpark. The children will love the water slides.


In Esbjerg, there is an abundance of offers for children and young people.

Are you passionate about a particular sport or hobby? Join one of 300 different associations and clubs in Esbjerg.

See the list of associations on Esbjerg Municipality’s website.

The Wadden Sea – a World Heritage experience

Esbjerg Municipality is a part of Denmark’s largest national park, the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea is a unique nature reserve listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and a great nature experience for children as well as adults.

A trip to the Wadden Sea can include a seal safari or oyster tour. Or explore the area on your own. Children of all ages can take a closer look at the seabed when the tide allows, and the abundant wildlife.

Would you like to know more about the Wadden Sea’s flora and fauna? Read more about it on the Wadden Sea Centre’s website.

Bicycling with the family

The beautiful nature in and around Esbjerg is ideal for bicycling experiences for the whole family. The flat landscape and bike paths along the West Coast are ideal for bike rides with the family, without the fear of exhausting mountain heights.

A biking trip to the Wadden Sea National Park offers unique nature experiences as you ride along the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Wadden Sea. You can also ride around the beautiful island of Fanø. On Fanø, you can bike in the firm sand on the beach while enjoying the fresh air and watch the powerful waves of the North Sea. From Esbjerg, it only takes 12 minutes by ferry to sail to Fanø.

Or if you like history, it is worth taking a bike tour around Ribe, Denmark’s oldest town.