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Welcome Week: Beer tasting at Streetfood

Thu. 30. September 2021
pm. 19.00 - 21.30

Street Food Esbjerg
Kongensgade , 6700 Esbjerg


  1. All participants


Now we need a winner! In connection to Study in Esbjerg’s Welcome Week you do now have the opportunity to join the beer tasting between Anarkist and the local Fanø brewery at Street Food for free.

Grease your palate with delicious beers when we find the winner of our beer battle between the Brewhouse Anarkist and the local brewery Fanø Brewery.
We invite you to a cosy evening with the opportunity to taste 8 different beers.
We allied with competent professionals who will come and tell between the different beers.
Of course, we need to choose a winner beer in the evening, and it is you who will be deciding!

If you and you study friends want to taste beers, then you must strike now.


  • 7:10 pm – We meet inside Street Food
  • 7:30 – Beer battle
  • 9:30 pm – Goodbye and thanks for the day


We would like to give as many as possibly the opportunity to participate at Welcome Week.
Therefore do we have the following rules: Each student does only have the opportunity to participate at 1 out of the 3 following events – Comedy Club – Beer tasting – VIP Ice hockey.

The 6 other event at Welcome Week can you participate in without any limitations.

NB: Remember to sign up with your study email and be aware that some of Study in Esbjerg’s Welcome Week’s events take place at the same time.

It is possibly that a photographer will be taking photos to marketing of Esbjerg as a study city at this event.


Fanø Bryghus


Thu. 30. September 2021
pm. 19.00 - 21.30

Street Food Esbjerg
Kongensgade , 6700 Esbjerg