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Beer tasting - Study in Esbjerg

Thu. 11. February 2021
pm. 19.00 - 20.30


Fanø Bryghus


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As a student in Esbjerg you can join free social events with Study in Esbjerg. Of such we have made an online beer tasting. The beers will be served from the local brewery Fanø Bryghus.

Join our live-stream and try different beers for free with Study in Esbjerg.
We are doing free events for students at Esbjergs higher education.
This time we are doing an online beer tasting, with beers from the local brewery Fanø Bryghus.
we have a 100 beer-packages. First come, first served.
We recommend sitting 2-4 people together sharing 1 beer-package, so more students can be envolved in the event.
This is naturally only recommended within the covid-restrictions.

The beer tasting will be live at our Facebook-page ‘Study in Esbjerg’, and will be on english with the brewmasters of Fanø Bryghus. Here they will tell you about the process, taste and thinking behind the different beers.
There is a link for the live-stream  further down this page.

To participate, you have to sign up with your student mail at this page.
Next you will receive an comformation and later receive an email from mas@businessesbjerg.com, hvor du will get order number, date and time for pickup of your beer-package.

Remember to check your junk mail.

Herefter vi du modtage en bekræftende mail, og senere modtage en mail fra mas@businessesbjerg.com, hvor du vil få et ordrenummer, dato og tidspunkt for afhentning af din øl-pakke.


You will only be able to sign up through your student mail, as this is our only way to make sure you are a student from one of the higher educations in Esbjerg.

Thu. 11. February 2021
pm. 19.00 - 20.30