Offshore Network Esbjerg (ONE)

ONE consists of 24 suppliers in the network. Ranging from high pressure equipment, large steel construction manufacturers, safety training capacity and to offshore legal advisory and much more, ONE has suppliers, that are highly experienced in the oil & gas, maritime and offshore wind industries.

Why ONE?

In an increasingly digitalized world, there is an urge to personalize and customize people’s knowledge and actions towards easy and comfortable access to everything.

That is why, Offshore Network Esbjerg wants to digitalize the supplier’s services and competences and make the knowledge of your suppliers easier with a deep insight.

ONE Point-Of-Contact

  • Digital matrix

    ONE will provide a digital matrix, where the suppliers business lines, services and competences are easily accessible and with in-depth knowledge

  • ONE-Point-of-Contact

    Each member in Offshore Network Esbjerg works as a ONE-Point-of-Contact to supply the best solution based on your request.

  • Full scope of supplier deliverances

    ONE has a full scope of supplier deliverances, which can supplement each other in offshore wind, maritime and oil & gas.

  • Agile and easy access solution

    The result is a more agile and easy access solution, which focus on your need for deep insight knowledge of supplier’s competences and solutions to match your needs.

  • Supply customers with multiple package supplier solution

    The stronghold of the network is its ability to supply customers with multiple package supplier solution with the focus on quality and agility and cooperation.

What is ONE offering?

  • ONE can deliver multiple discipline solutions
  • A-Z service in offshore wind, maritime and oil & gas industries
  • ONE offers mobile taskforce solutions to solve your problems wherever they are.
  • With a large competence pool, ONE can assist your business with conceptual innovation, which are useable from day one.
  • ONE consists of 20 companies supplementing each other, with competences and experience in offshore wind, maritime and oil & gas business.
  • Their experience and in-depth knowledge are being provided in a digital matrix, which makes your search for services and solutions easier.