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RT9 Scandinavian Rope Access

Maritime, Oil & Gas, Wind

RT9 is a rope-access company that consults, trains, and performs rope-access assignments. We have handled many different, complex tasks in places that were not readily accessible, ranging from Scaffold building, surface treatment and non-destructive testing to hoisting/mounting/de-mounting tasks using cranes and rigger gear. Our many years of experience in the industry allows us to provide a safe and experience-based judgment of any assignment, no matter whether within the field of consulting, training, or execution. We are an IRATA-certified rope-access company. Our license number is 5050/OT.

Main services and products

Delivery of Access solutions and manpower, consulting services for engineers and project managers for working at height. Scaffolding, painting, blasting, cleaning, inspections, Mounting/de-mounting, cable-pulling, dropped objects.


Allan Stilling Kristiansen

Maritime, Oil & Gas, Wind

Phone   +45 30 80 00 70

E-mail   ak@rt9.dk