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World Energy Cities Partnership

Esbjerg is one of three European cities that are members of the global partnership, World Energy Cities Partnership.

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As the Danish gateway to the West, The Port of Esbjerg has been a base for the fishing industry and Danish export goods since 1868. With the introduction of the oil and gas industry in the 1970s, the companies in Esbjerg seized the opportunity to expand, and a new offshore cluster was born.

Today, more than 13,500 people work within the energy sector in Esbjerg, which, in addition to oil, gas, and wind, also counts bioenergy and intelligent energy systems.

Esbjerg is recognized as the Energy Metropolis of Denmark.

As a service provider port for the Danish oil and gas industry and preassembly base port for Danish OEMs in the wind industry, the city has a leading role in the development of the energy sector.

Over 250 companies work in the industry, and large investments are made in port infrastructure and base facilities.

With oil, gas, wind, intelligent energy, and bioenergy all in one place, Esbjerg’s position as Denmark’s EnergyMetropolis is affirmed. As a result, Esbjerg has been admitted into the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP), an assembly of the most important energy cities in the world.

Esbjerg is one of only three European members of WECP, and the network counts 19 members worldwide.

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