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Setting up business in Esbjerg: How to find the best industrial, commercial, or office space in Esbjerg Municipality

Are you considering establishing your company or affiliation in Esbjerg Municipality? We are here to assist and guide you to get settled – whether you are looking for a retail space, a site for a new factory, or a smaller office in an inspiring office environment.

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Esbjerg is often considered synonymous with energy. The energy sector accounts for about one-third of all private jobs in Esbjerg Municipality, whereas two-thirds of all private jobs are within other industries.

Now the city also has an “internet port” with underwater fiber cables connecting Esbjerg with The Netherlands and New Jersey, USA. Not only are the excellent data connections a great advantage for IT companies; everyone from global companies to web hosting firms and app developers will greatly benefit from the proximity to an internet node that ensures the best and most optimal connection.

With these factors in mind, many Danish and international companies find this area attractive for establishing their businesses. If you are one of them, we can help you get settled and guide you to a great start in Esbjerg.

Get settled

The first step to getting settled in Esbjerg would be to find a suitable location and space in Esbjerg or vicinity.

If you are looking for a property that includes offices as well as warehouse and production facilities, we can also help you get an overview of available spaces – or find a suitable slot where you will be able to build the business premises exactly the way you envision it.

We will happily assist you with advice for suitable locations in town. We have a close dialogue with local brokers and a good overview of spaces available at the moment.

Real estate brokers in Esbjerg have a joint portal, where you get access to a database of available business premises for a paid fee. On Esbjerg Municipality’s homepage, you can also search for available industrial sites and retail spaces matching your demands and preferences.

Business locations in Esbjerg Municipality

Gode grunde til at sætte kurs mod Esbjerg kommune:

  • A broad and solid business environment consisting of 5,000 companies and more than 42,000 workplaces

  • A well-developed infrastructure – close to the motorway, the port, and the airport

  • Attractive real estate prices – if you are renting, or buying

  • Large recruitment area: Within a radius of one-hour by car, you have access to a workforce of 184,100 people

  • Strong educational environment: an essential factor for both employees, who are relocating, and in terms of recruitment options for your company

  • Low latency period: From ultimo 2019, Esbjerg has the best fiber-optic connections to Europe and the USA

  • A well-established international environment taking care of international newcomers

  • The largest international school outside of Copenhagen

  • International upper secondary school (IB)

Invest In Denmark

When setting up a business in Denmark and Esbjerg, there are several things to take into consideration.

That is why, Invest In Denmark has made various guides and publications to assist you in the process, when starting business in Denmark.

You can find the guides and publications below:

Business Esbjerg also offers a local start-up service, and can assist with local advisors with international experience. Feel free to contact us for more information.