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Industrial areas and infrastructure in Esbjerg

Esbjerg has a unique location in the south-westerly corner of Denmark, facing the North Sea, the UK, and the western part of Europe.

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The port of Esbjerg is an excellent location choice when you want to connect Danish trade with Europe. With a fully developed hinterland infrastructure including road and rail, the port can accommodate the largest heavy-duty transports allowed on public roads.

Industrial areas

Several industrial sites are available for business development. Large-scale energy companies requiring port facilities and suppliers could benefit from establishing their activities in the Andrup dry port area.

From here, access to the port would be eased by a parallel road with a direct connection to the port. Other areas – primarily in Kjersing – are available, and the latest development of the port opens up for building businesses and headquarters.

Read more about Esbjerg’s industrial sites and specific offers at the Municipality of Esbjerg’s website:

You are also welcome to contact Head of Business, Karsten Rieder, for more information.