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Esbjerg is the Internet Hub of Northern Europe

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Esbjerg is extremely well connected to the core internet (terrestrial and submarine cables) and is closely connected to all of Europes major gateways.

Closely connected to the US and European internet gateways, Esbjerg is the internet hub of Northern Europe. New fiber-optic cables from Esbjerg to the US, Ireland, England, and the Netherlands along with an already excellent international data infrastructure makes Esbjerg an optimal place for companies with the need of low latency to Europe and the US.

A position that will be developed further over the next years. By end 2019 the fiber-optic project “Havfrue” will connect Esbjerg and US and double the available capacity between USA and Europe. Also new projects will connect Esbjerg with England, Ireland and the Netherlands by end of 2019. This makes Esbjerg a hub for data transaction and transatlantic data distribution.

Esbjerg will be an attractive location for colocation business and companies with the need of low latency to and in-between US and Europe.