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Structural and civil engineering

Naturvidenskab og teknik

Are you fascinated by large modern constructions? And are you curious how modern constructions and mechanical devices are designed? The Master’s programme in Structural and Civil Engineering at Aalborg University in Esbjerg provides you with knowledge, expertise and skills to solve complex civil engineering problems and to design mechanical systems.
The Master’s programme in Structural and Civil Engineering will provide you with knowledge on the design of constructions and mechanical systems. You get to work independently and come up with creative solutions for problems such as how to design a floating wind turbine of 5000 tons or how to design a large bridge.

The focal point during the programme concerns the construction of large structures – for instance a tall building, a pier or a drilling rig. You learn about design and analysis of marine and offshore constructions, and you get to work with analysis of bearing structures.

The semester projects are an excellent opportunity for you to immerse in a specific subject of your interest, often in close collaboration with an industrial partner. Projects allow you to apply complex theories to real life problems – which could for instance concern the construction of foundations for offshore wind turbines or calculation of the effect of wind on tall chimneys.

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